What Bert Plaat Reads

Published on
March 23, 2009

Bert Plaat describes himself as 'curious about new knowledge and new applications' and says that he has never stopped learning and getting extra training. For a number of years, he has been an author at the Development Centre for Green Education and an ICT Coach at the Service Bureau Learning ICT at AOC Friesland.

He sums up what he does, "Preparing and consulting on ICT policy, developing learning environments, disseminating digital educational tools, supporting students and particularly the teaching team." Bert is constantly on the look out to test new developments in practice. He says, "In my opinion, you can get much more out of digital learning if you utilize all possibilities. And that is more than a book in PDF." For this reason, the possibilities of Wikiwijs, an incentive programme from the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science, will soon be studied in Leeuwarden. Wikiwijs is a Wikipedia-like web application that allows teachers (and others) to develop and share digital material.

Bert describes the dissemination of information in his field as good, especially dissemination through blogs. He says though, "Unfortunately, senior secondary vocational education (MBO)colleagues still don't follow these blogs enough. The gap between university and MBO is still large. So, a kind of ambassador is needed who stays in touch with the blogs and serves the information up on a platter to colleagues. In my opinion, the Wageningen UR Library's information dissemination is optimal. Still, many teachers need to change their habits to really profit from the services."

The 59-year-old ex-arborist has regularly worked with the Wageningen UR Library in the past years, particularly with the DPS department. He was a member of the Green Space editorial committee and regularly uses library information –especially websites and PDFs—to create learning formats. A few examples of the application of information from ARTIK+ for green education are the Workshops for Tree Maintenance and Green Maintenance.
Bert Plaat is an advocate of the ARTIK+ database. He describes it as a continually improving knowledge databank with good service. For years he's been actively trying to bring ARTIK+ and the Green blog to the attention of his colleagues in different ways such as the departmental blogs of AOC Friesland and in his own blog, to name a few.

(newsletter 7-2009)