Winter AID: online programme plus one-to-one activities

Published on
February 8, 2021

During the AID (annual introduction days), new students get to know each other, the university, and Wageningen town. This year’s winter AID takes place from 8 to 14 February. This introduction week will be adapted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, so that students can meet safely.

  • On Monday 8 February, the WinterAID starts, and +/- 120 participants and mentors can pick up their WinterAID bag on campus. This happens from 11:00-16:00 in multiple shifts, to prevent formation of crowds.
  • On Sunday 14 February, a Cooking Show takes place in the evening. For this, the participants have to pick up ingredients on campus during the day. Again, this happens in shifts spread over the day.
  • During the entire WinterAID, the participants can do ‘assignments’ for which they can meet up one on one. These assignments include for instance watching a movie or exploring the city. There is no planned moment in the program for these assignments, and they can be carried out the entire week.

The AID board has a lot of contact with the participating organizations (ESN, ISOW and SWU Thymos) and with the mentors. A special group chat has been created to answer questions from mentors throughout the WinterAID. Before the WinterAID and during contact moments, students are constantly reminded of their own responsibilities. Corona is, just like in daily life, an important and not to be underestimated part of the AID.

The AID board hopes that every student will nevertheless have a great start of their study in Wageningen, and we consider it very important that the WinterAID takes place after all. Wageningen is known for its personal and individual approach to students. The introduction days contribute enormously to a warm welcome to the university. Students get to know each other, the city and all facilities at a rapid pace. Such a start is important for a good start of your study and increases study success.

This edition will of course be different from all previous years, as the program is now almost completely online, but we are sure that the students will have a successful start in Wageningen.

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