Wisdom & Wonder Movie Talks: “Food in a movie is always meaningful"

Published on
September 28, 2018

“From now on, never watch a movie without wondering what the role of food is in the story”. That was the message Louise Fresco, president of the Executive Board, conveyed to the audience at the first Wisdom & Wonder Movie Talk on September 26th in the Heerenstraattheater.

She spoke passionately about how food in movies might seem like a trivial thing, but is always there for a reason: "Scenes with food are difficult to produce, so there is always a reasoning behind it. Food shows status, tone, culture and even distribution of power". In the movie of her choice, Chungking Express, food acted as an indicator of time and a metaphor for loss. The main character buys a can of pineapples every day, the favourite food of his ex-girlfriend. By the time they will be expired, so will be his relationship.

The talk on September 26th is part of a series, installed to emphasize the connection between WUR and the city of Wageningen. Next time Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol will have the honour of showing with his chosen movie Beijing Taxi, how science plays a part in our daily life. The movie will be shown on October the 16th. Tickets can be bought at the website of Heerenstraattheater.

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