Wisdom & Wonder Movie Talks: "We can learn from China how to deal with rapid transition"

Published on
October 19, 2018

Personal adaptations to a rapidly changing environment, that is what Prof. Arthur Mol showed through the movie ‘Beijing Taxi’ during the Wisdom & Wonder movie talk on 16 October in the Heerenstraattheather.

Mol deliberately choose a movie from China, because ever since his first visit he was fascinated by the rapid pace of transitions: “Every year something changes, either in the transport system, health system, or people’s behaviour.” He painted the adaptability of China as an example for WUR: “In our new strategic plan, transition is a key element. To know what transition really means, we should take a look at China.”

Mol also emphasised that the individual perspective is important when looking at large scale transitions. This was shown in the movie ‘ Beijing Taxi’, where the life of three different taxi drivers in Beijing was followed, set against the background of the rapid changes accompanying the Olympic games in 2008.

The talk on 16 October is part of a series, installed to emphasise the connection between WUR and the city of Wageningen. Next time Dick de Ridder and Willem Jan Knibbe from Bioinformatics will show with their chosen movie AlphaGo, how science plays a part in our daily life. The movie will be shown on 20 November. Tickets can be bought at the website of Heerenstraattheater.

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