Writing-related lunch workshops for students

Published on
October 4, 2016

The Library joins the Wageningen Writing Lab (WWL) in organizing lunch workshops for students. Registration is not required but please come on time!

At the moment, the WWL has scheduled five lunch workshops, two of them in cooperation with WUR Library.

Citing and referencing

October 20 in Forum C408, 12.30-13.20

December 8 in Forum C309, 12.30-13.20

To avoid plagiarism in academic writing, you must cite and reference the sources you use. But what sources do you cite, where do you put an in-text citation, and how do you make a reference list? These questions will be addressed in this workshop, together with different citation styles and how tools like EndNote can save you countless hours formatting reference lists.

Plan for success!

November 3 in Forum C309, 12.30-13.20
How do you effectively start your writing assignment? That's the question we'll address during the workshop ‘Plan for Success!’. Organised by the Wageningen Writing Lab, the workshop will provide you with the theory behind the writing process and guide you in applying this theory to your assignment.

Search efficiently in the right database

November 10 in Forum Library, Room 460, 12.30-13.20
There are many places and ways to search for information. Knowledge of databases and search strategies will help you to find scientific publications on your topic efficiently and systematically. Learn tips and tricks in this workshop. You can bring your own research question to get advice.

Optimize your personal writing style

November 24 in Forum C309, 12.30-13.20

In this workshop, you will discover your personal writing style, learn about typical pitfalls and how to avoid them. We will practice some techniques that will help to make the most of your writing style in current and future writing assignments.

Revising of texts

December 1 in Forum C408, 12.30-13.20

It is a myth that a well-written text is written in one go. It's crucial to revise! As the first step you focus on your text's content, and then you deal with all the other aspects of academic writing. In this workshop we'll offer you practical strategies to revise your text. Bring the draft version of your text with you!

More information at Wageningen Writing Lab.