Jonge voedselfraude onderzoekers vanuit de hele wereld verzamelen zich in Wageningen


Young food fraud investigators from around the world gather in Wageningen

Published on
June 21, 2016

On 23 and 24 of June Wageningen UR is organizing the first "Postgraduate Symposium on Food Fraud. Young food fraud investigators from around the world have signed up.

For researchers it is a perfect way to gain more knowledge about the authenticity of food, food fraud and integrity. The conference is free of charge and Wageningen UR offers a program for professional development but the conference is also a huge networking opportunitie.

The symposium is especially for PhD students conducting research in the area of food authenticity and fraud with a background in food quality management, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, criminology, marketing, consumer sciences and economics. Attendees get the opportunity to present an oral or poster presentation.

A new generation of researchers share the latest scientific developments in the ongoing battle against food fraud
Saskia van Ruth, professor Food Authenticity at Wageningen UR