Young scientists given stage during Dies Natalis

Published on
March 6, 2018

On 9 March, during WUR’s one-hundredth dies natalis, three young WUR scientists will speak about the way their research contributes to the unravelling of life. Natural ways of fighting harmful insects, migration patterns after a hurricane and dancing molecules will be at the centre of attention.

Online magazine Resource of WUR describes short biographies of the three researchers:

  • Assistant Professor Environmental Policy Ingrid Boas
    studies the relation between climate change and human migration.
  • Associate Professor Joris Sprakel of the Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter group explains how he and his group work on the visualisation of what he calls ‘the dance of the molecules’.
  • Assistant Professor Nina Fatouros of Biosystematics group studies how plants in the cabbage family defend against insects that lay eggs on their leaves.

Read the whole story on Resource online