Access to microdata from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) for your own research

Published on
April 28, 2016

CBS has as its principal task the publication of coherent and reliable statistical information that meets the requirements of the Dutch society. The main source for such statistical information is CBS's electronic database Statline.

In addition, CBS offer to universities and other research institutions the possibility to access the source data that have been used by CBS in their statistical processes. That means that you can perform your own research on the basis of strictly anonymized data present at CBS about persons, households, companies, etcetera; these are the so-called microdata. The main added value of this facility is that virtually all microdata sets can be linked together at the individual record level through the use of anonymous linkage keys; this greatly extends the possibilities for research.

At you can find the conditions for the use of CBS microdata and a wide range of additional information.

For example, you will find there an overview and documentation of all data available for your research. When you need data not present in this cataloque, CBS is often able to compose an tailor-made dataset for you. In addition, under appropriate conditions it is possible to have your own dataset linked to the data of CBS, so that you can do your research with an enriched version of your own data.

For your project you can use the One-Site (OS) work stations in The Hague or Heerlen, or a Remote Access (RA) computer as is already available at many universities. This means that you can access the data through a secure internet connection.

When you want to explore the opportunities for using the CBS (micro) data facility for your research, CBS will offer you appropriate support. CBS has a team of account managers who will sort out the possibilities together with you.

To facilitate the access to and use of (Micro) data facilities, CBS has to charge costs. If possible, it is wise to include those costs in your grant application.

When you want to know more about the possibility of doing your research with microdata please contact Data Management Support.