AChemS 2022 Conference

Published on
April 24, 2022

From 20-23 April 2022 the AChemS 2022 Conference WAs held in Florida. From the Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour (SSEB) Group Sanne Boesveldt, Eva Cad en Matjaz Pirc spoke at this conference.

Sun and Science, what’s not to love?! After 2 years of online conferences, the SSEB group was ready and happy to attend an in-person conference again. Eva Cad, Matjaz Pirc and Sanne Boesveldt headed off to Bonita Springs, Florida, for the annual AChemS meeting, a conference solely focusing on smell and taste research.

Though this also includes a lot of work on receptors and animals, for our group the most interesting sessions and symposia revolved around fat perception (more than taste and smell), smell loss in covid, a clinical symposium on parosmia, and an industry symposium on bitter taste.


Moreover, what’s really interesting at this conference is the poster sessions. These are truly where the (scientific) magic happens: presenters talk for 2 hours non-stop to interested people stopping by, asking questions, challenging ideas, and overall discussion. Both Eva and Matjaz presented their work there: on psychophysical and psychohedonic sweetness function for familiar and unfamiliar foods; and a systematic review on olfactory fat perception. Their posters attracted quite a bit of interest, and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

SSEB is eager for more live conferences to happen!