Advisory Group discusses cooperation principles

September 1, 2023

Last Tuesday, the third meeting of the Advisory Group on collaboration took place. This Advisory Group is commissioned by the executive board to come up with an assessment framework this autumn that should help Wageningen University & Research (WUR) decide on cooperation with future partners, starting with companies within the fossil industry.

Two meetings took place before the summer, in which the committee mainly focused on making (process) agreements, deepening the assignment, and dividing tasks.

Agenda items Advisory Group

At last Tuesday's meeting, three items were on the agenda. First, the committee discussed the existing cooperation principles, and was informed about how they came about, and what challenges lie (still) in their implementation. This way, the committee gained (even) better insight into the practical aspects to be taken into account when drafting the new framework.

As a second item on the agenda -prepared by a number of committee members- was a discussion on examples of collaborations that (have) take(n) place with companies in the fossil industry. The aim was to get an idea of the type of collaborations WUR has, and choices and considerations that have been made to enter into a collaboration. This has already produced the first ideas on criteria/questions to be included in the framework. A number of committee members will elaborate on this in preparation for the next meeting.

And finally, the committee discussed a number of existing (independent) systems/processes that assess whether and to what extent partners contribute to the desired transitions we have in mind. The committee considered the extent to which these are useful (and reliable), what we can learn from them, and whether and how we could deploy them. It was agreed to put this item back on the agenda for the next meeting.

The next meeting of the Advisory Group will take place in the third week of September.