agROBOfood: Towards an European network and effective adoption of robotics technologies

Published on
July 19, 2021

It is possible for companies throughout Europe to be supported in Agro Food Robotics innovation and business.

We work on a level vision story that can be used to further shape programs and as a source of inspiration for various organizations to see where the European lie.


Future agri-food production networks will be flexible, responsive and transparent, providing sufficient high quality and healthy products and services for everyone at a reasonable cost while preserving resources, biodiversity, climate, environment, and cultural differences.


Stimulate the development and integration of innovative robotic, AI, and Data solutions that can successfully be used in flexible, responsive and transparent
agri-food production networks.


Following our vision and mission statement above, this document aims to provide:

  • a contribution to the development of the Strategic Research and Innovation and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA) of the AI, Data and Robotics PPP;
  • a broad and coherent view of the needs, applications, and key challenges for robotics for the agri-food production domain in combination with data and AI,
  • a 360o stakeholder view addressing both technology, business, and ecosystem development,
  • a basis for the vision, alignment, and development of programs, projects, groups, and consortia that aim to contribute to the development and deployment of robotics, AI, and data in the agrifood production network.


For further reading, click on the button below to read the publication "European Robotics in agri-food Production: Opportunities and Challenges".

Authors: Slawomir Sander (, Eldert van Henten (, Kees Lokhorst (, Erik Pekkeriet (, & Thilo Steckel ( (2021, May 7).