Agrologistics Platform Mexico 2030 to improve potential of agri-food system

Published on
June 3, 2019

On Tuesday 28 May 2019 a group of 35 CEOs of Mexican Agri-Food companies gave their commitment to set up an Agrologistics Platform Mexico 2030 (Plataforma Agrologistica Mexico 2030). This platform will be created by the National Agrifood Council (Consejo Nacional Agropecuario (CNA)) with the support of Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

The aim of the Platform is to improve the potential of the agri-food system in Mexico in 2030: improving the food security for the growing population in Mexico towards 2030 as well as making Mexico a top 5 exporter of Agri-Food products in the world.

Learning from Dutch Topsector Approach 

In a workshop, with the presence of Bosco de la Vega (President of CNA), Jorge Narvaez (Director Agrologistics of CNA), Peter Ravensbergen (Business Developer of WUR), the ambition, approach and outline of the Platform were presented and discussed with the private sector. Loek Hermans of the Dutch 'Topsector Horticulture and Starting Materials' presented the Dutch Topsector Approach, followed by a discussion with the Mexican partners on the suitability for implementation in the Mexican situation. Next, the institutional partners, present at the workshop, like World Bank, IFC, FAO, Inter-American Development Bank, Financira Nacional Dessarrollo (FND), and CIMMYT gave their feedback and support on the Platform.

The outcome of the workshop was that the private sector committed themselves to support this Platform and agreed that CNA will be the representative for them. They also agreed to continue according the Dutch Topsector model to involve the government and academia and to design a joint agenda focussing on six key themes identified.

  1. Cold Chain management: controlled temperature from harvest until consumer
  2. Infrastructure: collection centres and equipment
  3. Business Models for Inclusive supply chain management for small holders
  4. Innovation, Certification and Training
  5. Added value creation & food processing
  6. Circularity

Aligning Dutch private sector to cooperate with new Plataforma Agrologistica

WUR, represented by Wageningen Economic Research and Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, is partnering with CNA in order to setup the Plataforma Agrologistica Mexico 2030. The role of CNA will be technical support as well as organizational support. By means of a Seed Money Proposal of the combined Topsectors Agri-Food and Horticulture and Starting Materials this role can be fulfilled in this starting up phase. The ambition of WUR is get the Dutch private sector aligned and interested in a cooperation with the Plataforma Agrologistica.

If you are interested to participate or for more information please contact Peter Ravensbergen.

Agrologistics Platform Mexico 2030
Agrologistics Platform Mexico 2030