BCT-the winner of the battle of WUR in WeDay

Published on
June 3, 2022

BCT battlers (Better Chemist Than battlers) was announced as the winner of the battle of WUR from 64 teams in WeDay.

BCT battlers, that are Freek, Sanne, Ivo, Torin, Matthijs, Maggie, Zhaoxiang, Chenquang, Kai-Ching, Eleni, Danielle, Susan, Tomas and Akbar, all from BCT group, won the champion of the battle of WUR in WeDay.

WeDay is the sports event of Wageningen University & Research. The goal is to bring colleagues from throughout the organisation together to enjoy a lively day filled with fun and physical activity.

You can enjoy wonderful moments in WeDay this year by watching WeDay 2022.