Bring Your Own Device in Forum Library

Published on
April 30, 2021

At WUR using your own laptop (Bring Your Own Device, BYOD) is becoming the standard in education and for self-study. In the Forum Library, many students already bring their laptops with them and we’re in the process of creating more study places for laptop use. On 28 May and 4 June the current PCs will be removed from all floors. Twenty new PCs will be installed on the second floor.

Removal and replacement of the EDU PCs

As part of the BYOD policy, the current desktop computers in the Forum Library will be removed and partly replaced by new PCs. This is scheduled for Friday 28 May and Friday 4 June (dates are provisional). On these days it will not be possible to reserve a workplace with an old EDU PC. The study places without a PC will still be available and can be reserved in TimeEdit. Please be aware that the work activities in this area will cause some noise and inconvenience. The 20 new PCs are all located on the second floor and can be reserved as soon as they are installed.

Facilities to study anytime anyplace

To enable BYOD, WUR has created a number of facilities. As a WUR student, you can receive a discount on a laptop at the WUR LaptopShop. These devices meet all the requirements to ensure you're ready for your studies. In the WURAppStore you can download or virtually access the software you need for study programmes and courses. The WUR Laptopshop also sells monitor risers and CANS/RSI sets to help you work ergonomically.

For more information on laptop services visit this webpage: Studying Anytime Anyplace laptop, software and service - WUR.