Business science for sustainability | with section PhD's Matteo Ricozzi and Megi Gega

Published on
March 25, 2022

At the 1st of April section Business Science organises their next hybrid section seminar. At this lunch seminar section PhD’s Matteo Ricozzi and Megi Gega will present their research proposals. Matteo and Megi are two of the five section PhD’s of section Business Science. Our section aims to contribute to sustainable as well as profitable business performance. The section PhD’s are PhD students who do their research for two different chair groups. By doing so they combine insights from the two different chair groups to provide a multi-disciplinary solution for challenges in the field of business science.

Matteo Ricozzi'sresearch aims at shifting the focus of bio-economic models (BEMs) from the farm level to the regional one. When drawing attention to the interactions among agricultural agents within a region, BEMs' outdated 'Homo Economicus' behavioural assumption is limiting. Growing evidence shows that many cognitive, emotional and social factors drive farmers' decision making. The project's overall objective can be summarised as an attempt to create a novel regional socio-bio-economic model. This involves enhancing BEMs' behavioural realism with social motives and the interaction between farmers. Applications include studying strategies for the regional integration of specialised farms and testing policies that stimulate cooperation, which is critical to enhancing integration and the regional ecological performance.

Megi Gega focuses on ownership structure, supplier relations and sustainability in agri-food chains. The focus on sustainability discussion in the context of the food supply chain is especially important, because it has the greatest environmental impact compared to other industries. Different type of owners might exhibit distinct time horizons, risk assessment, mitigation criteria and sustainability-related objectives. This PhD thesis will study, both theoretically and empirically, the impact of different ownership structures and different supplier-buyer relationships on their potential (and limits) to contribute to more sustainable food systems.

After each presentation there is the opportunity to ask questions or provide feedback. When the presentations are finished we will have a group discussion. The topic of the discussion is ‘Business science for sustainability.’ We would like to invite you to join us live in C0064. As this is a lunch seminar, lunch will be provided. There is an option for a vegan lunch, too. If you'd like to attend this seminar please send a message to Laura de Graaf.