Can I use this picture? Read our Search tip!

Published on
June 17, 2019

When you find a picture online, it is hard to know whether you are allowed to use it. In our Search tip you read more about Google Images. Google Images helps you to find ‘free to use’ images.

Google Images

When you search in Google images, you can filter for images with a Creative Commons license (CC-license). Materials with a CC-license are free to re-use. The author has given permission to re-use them. Be aware: All CC licenses require you to credit the material's creator and to cite its source. This requirement is called attribution.

How to find open images in Google

  • Go to Google images;
  • Go to Advanced search. You find Advanced search in the settings on the bottom right corner of your screen;
  • Type your key words in the search box;
  • Scroll down the form to 'usage rights';
  • Choose the option you need: free to use or share; commercially; modify; or both;

Can we use this picture?

For the image in this news item we searched for ‘policies nature conservation children’. The image we selected has a CC BY-ND creative commons license. This means you're free to share this photo if you credit the author and do not change the original material. We credited the author. And, we didn’t change the photo. So we can use this photo without a problem!

What's our main rule for image use? It's better to be safe than sorry. If you're not sure, don’t use the image!