Celebrating 100 years WUR: About dissertations and speeches

Published on
March 22, 2018

The Library is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Wageningen University by writing a series of blog posts. We extracted interesting facts about WUR from our databases. The first blog shows the development in graduations and the second blog reports on inaugural and farewell speeches.

100 years of dissertations

In the university's first years, there were only a few dissertations per year. This number grew explosively over the years, from two in 1920 to about 300 PhD theses per year since 2015.

The first person who had the honour to defend a dissertation was Hendrik Albert Johan Michiel Beekman. He graduated on 16 November 1920. Prof. A.H. Berkhout (Forestry) was his supervisor.

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timeline dissertations.jpg

926 speeches

So far, 926 speeches have been published. The number of speeches has grown substantially over the century. The first speeches were mostly related to social, plant and crop, and environmental sciences. After about 25 years, speeches in agrotechnology and food sciences appeared. They have become a substantial part of the Wageningen academic speech output.

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