Charles Tonui joins the Law Group as PhD student per Sept 2022

October 18, 2022

Currently, Charles Tonui is pursuing a PhD study on “The role of a shared system of rules for inclusive and effective polycentric SDG governance arrangements in East Africa” supported by the Governing SDG interactions project, Wageningen University & Research.
He is a passionate researcher contributing to climate related research and convening of evidence-based policy discussions at local, national, regional, and international (e.g., UNFCCC COPs) level to shape building resilient and sustainable economies in Africa.

Since 2009, Charles Tonui has worked as a Research Fellow at the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) where he supports climate and disaster risk related research projects, policy translations, resource mobilization and project management under the Climate Resilience Economies programme. In addition, Charles engages in evidence-based policy and impact discussion under the Africa Research and Impact Network (ARIN). He holds Master’s in Environmental Planning and Management, Kenyatta University and BSc (Environmental Science), Egerton University.

We wish Charles all the best with his PhD study