Co-creation of a living lab for the Water Systems Design course in Jordan

Published on
June 28, 2022

A SURF grant of the Ministry of OCW got awarded to the WRM group, for innovation of the course ‘Water Systems Design’. This educational innovation will develop a virtual version of the working environment that students may face in their later careers.

The course will be based on a living lab, developed in co-creation with Jordanian partners. Even though students will not be able to physically visit the case study in Jordan, the case will be simulated as closely as possible, through video material, virtual transect walks, and the involvement of real life stakeholders from Jordan.

A particular goal of the living lab is to create a sustainable environment in which students and staff can exchange research projects and educational innovations. Special focus will be on the development of an international classroom, where traditional preconceptions in development projects will be challenged.

Read more about the project on the website of SURF (in Dutch)