College life in Wageningen during the Second World War: small exhibition

May 2, 2024

For students at the Agricultural College in Wageningen, the Second World War was a disruptive period and is still remembered in many places.
WUR Library's Special Collections houses numerous documents and items dating from that period. A small exhibition on the 3rd floor of Forum Library displays several (copies) of these documents and items.

During World War II the occupying forces were actively involved in the day-to-day running of the Agricultural College and the library. From 1943, for example, students had to sign an oath of loyalty or they would be excluded from the college.

Dutch text of the Oath of Loyalty students had to sign

On display are booklets, illegally distributed Wageningen student newspapers, grade lists, almanacs, and cartoons from student associations such as Ceres and Unitas from this time period. The display also includes some of the telegrams with orders sent to the library of the Agricultural College by the German occupiers.

These documents give a glimpse of what went on during the war period and provide insight into the dilemmas faced by students and administrators.

You’re welcome to visit the exhibition in the Forum Library. It runs until September 2024. Check out our extended & irregular opening hours.