Column: Sietze van der Velde

Published on
December 6, 2021

Project Engineer at Royal Oosterhof Holman

Phosphate Recovery from animal manure

The Dutch agricultural sector is a global leader. At the same time, the Netherlands face a number of major social challenges. For example, our soil, the most important resource for farmers, is in danger of becoming exhausted. We are also dealing with a loss of biodiversity. This requires a transition towards circular agriculture, in which important nutrients are recovered.

By adding the fundamental knowledge of ETE and Wetsus to the technology and practical knowledge of Oosterhof Holman, we have achieved an important breakthrough, namely the recovery of phosphate from animal manure. This way we can better reuse phosphate and reapply it in agriculture, making us less dependent on the import of phosphate rock. By further developing our innovation and scaling it up to a practical solution for the farmer, we hope to make a valuable contribution to making agriculture more sustainable.

The collaboration between ETE/Wetsus and Oosterhof Holman is about partnership and Collaboration. In this setting we have built up an excellent team, with also great research results, and hopefully also new products in business for BV The Netherlands!