Copyright Information Point

Published on
June 5, 2020

It is often difficult to find information about what you may or may not do with copyright protected materials. This is why the WUR Copyright Information Point has been launched. The Copyright Information Point is a joint effort of research, education, Corporate Legal and WUR Library to provide WUR staff and students with the copyright rules and regulations at WUR.

Have you ever wondered:

  • what kind of material you may use in your course;
  • if you may use a picture in your presentation;
  • how to re-use or share research data;
  • if you may cite copyright protected materials;
  • who owns the copyright on your research data, publication, thesis or presentation;
  • or any other copyright related question.

You may have found it difficult to find the answers to these questions.

This is why the Copyright Information Point has been launched. This is a website where you can find all copyright-related information in one place and the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    The team behind the Copyright Information Point consists of WUR Library information specialists and WUR legal officers. The team also works closely with specialists in the field of Research Data Management, Open Science, Open Access and education. The team ensures that the website stays current and contains the information that you need. If you cannot find the information you need on the website, don’t hesitate to contact the team through the website or

    Help, my question is not answered by the Copyright Information Point

    You may have a more complex question that is not answered on the website. In that case, get in touch with the Copyright Information Point team. The website has a contact form. You can also send an email to