Creative works on display in the Forum Library

Published on
December 19, 2022

The works of WUR researcher Harmen Knap and former WUR student Wenyu Zhao are currently on display in the Forum Library. Their artworks differ, but both are passionate artists and see their art as a way to express themselves. The dual exhibition is located on the 3rd floor in the Forum Library and can be seen during the Library’s opening hours till the end of February.

Harmen Knap: Learning

Drawing with pen and ink and watercolor of a chimpanzee with colourful objects and garlands in the background

Harmen Knap is a WUR researcher at the Water Systems and Global Change group. Since a young age he has been fascinated by the natural environment. Studying and working at WUR was then a natural choice for him. His interest in the natural environment often comes back in his drawings and paintings.

The title of his exhibition is ‘Learning’. The university is by definition an environment for learning and research. For Harmen, making art is essentially an ongoing learning experience.

By making art, you learn to observe, to listen, to open up to new ideas and experiences. Extra bonus point: art (visual, music, spoken, etc.) improves brain development and functioning and can reduce anxiety and stress.

Wenyu Zhao: Vivid life in Wageningen

Watercolour drawing of purple tulips on a background of different shades of green.

Wenyu Zhao enrolled as a master’s student of Urban Environmental Management in 2020. She received her master’s degree in 2022. Wenyu also received a bachelor of arts (AB) degree at Beijing University of Technology in 2020. The four gouache paintings chosen for this exposition were painted by Wenyu when she studied in Wageningen. The scenes depicted in the paintings always vividly leap up before her eyes.

In my art I want to catch the beautiful things I see in my daily life.
Watercolour drawing of Wageningen with trees and apartment buildings in green and brown colours