Data Driven & High Tech Knowledge Management: data, models and tools

Published on
April 28, 2020

WUR contributes with the research programme Data Driven & High Tech to the digital transformation of the agro food system. We do this on the themes AI, robotics & decision support, data infrastructure and society aspects. We work on applications within the whole Wageningen domain: from plant, livestock and aquaculture to environment, food, climate and society.

Even though the applications vary, the DDHT projects are faced with similar data science challenges. By enabling researchers to exchange knowledge about methods, tools and datasets, they can support each other’s work. A way to do that is via the Knowledge Management Overview document. This document represents the datasets, methods and tools that are currently used in the DDHT programme. This reference document provides researchers, both within as outside the DDHT programme, an overview of the work that is performed in the programme, and draw attention to datasets or tools that may be useful for own research.

Jan Top, researcher Food Informatics at WFBR, explains: “The aim of the project DDHT Knowledge management is to help researchers working in different projects to identify common problems and chances. We do this by making an overview of datasets, models, tools, infrastructure and ethics related items in the KB DDHT-projects. By filling in a template we ask the researchers to map out the needs and possible problems so we can help find a solution. For example by organizing a number of workshops.”

The DDHT programme at WUR runs until 2023. Read more about the different projects on the website of Data Driven & High Tech.