Despite climate change this spreng has a bright future

Published on
September 22, 2022

In Driebergen-Rijsenburg, residents of the Welgelegenlaan have been involved in the management of 't Lekkere Watertje for 25 years, a spreng that has been drying up more and more in recent years. Sprengen are historical landscape elements that bring groundwater to the surface. Research by the Science Shop of Wageningen University & Research shows that there can also be a bright future for this spreng in times of climate change.

Commissioned by the Spreng committee, which represents the residents, it was investigated how the management can safeguard the natural and historical values of the Spreng. The researchers found no fewer than 171 plant species in the water and on the banks, but found poor water quality with little life in the watercourse. An important recommendation is to remove leaf litter from the stream course every year, when the spreng is dry. As a result, the water quality can improve considerably and more life can come into the spreng. On the banks, it is important to limit the spread of unwanted species and to dispose of waste during mowing and pruning.


The residents of the Welgelegenlaan feel very involved in the greenery and have been actively involved in the management for 25 years. This involvement is special and deserves recognition. Thepreferences of residents were also looked at. A survey shows, among other things, that they like to see semi-open vegetation on the banks with a focus on the natural values. The recommendations made from this research offer tools for residents to make a new management plan and are hopefully the starting point for a new covenant on management with the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug.


The results of the research and the recommendations are described in a report and a factsheet. These can be found on the project website of the Science Shop.