Discover the influence of your research with altmetrics

Published on
May 16, 2022

Have you ever wondered whether policy makers are referring to your work? Or whether your research output was mentioned in the media? To find out who is talking about your work, you can use Altmetric Explorer, a tool to monitor the online activity on your research. WUR Library offers a webinar on Altmetric Explorer on 9 June.

What are altmetrics?

The performance of scientific publications is traditionally based on how often these publications are cited in other scientific publications. However, people also share and discuss research publications online. Altmetrics track this online engagement and research impact. Altmetrics can capture the following information:

  • the number of downloads
  • uptake in personal Mendeley libraries
  • mentions on Twitter and Facebook
  • mentions in selected blogs
  • mentions in news outlets
  • mentions in (inter)governmental policy documents

Altmetrics are available faster than citation based measures. Wageningen University & Research has access to the Altmetric Explorer database. This tool immediately tracks downloads and online shares. Using altmetrics you have an idea of the societal relevance of your publications as soon as they are online.

Webinar on WUR Altmetrics on 9 June

In a webinar on 9 June from 12.30 to 13.30, Michelle Herbert account manager at Altmetric Explorer, will tell more about the possibilities that Altmetric Explorer offers. She’ll give a live demo and explore the online attention WUR research output receives. Who is mentioning our work? Who are the funders? And which Sustainable Development Goals do we contribute to? What are the hot topics in (social) media at the moment? And how can you use this information to your advantage?

You'll also learn how to run reports and analyse attention on research that matters to you, how to create custom shareable reports, and how to use the API to do more in-depth reporting as needed. When you want to join, please fill in the registration form, so we can send you the Teams link.

More information

Read more in this tool tip about Altmetric Explorer. You can also watch the video A beginner's guide to altmetrics (2.59). For personal support, you can contact bibliometric experts Ellen Fest or Marleen Noomen.