Donny Merkx receives the C.J. Gorter NMR-DG Award

Published on
November 8, 2022

Donny Merkx, former PhD student at the the laboratories of Food Chemistry and Biophysics (AFSG), has been awarded the C.J. Gorter NMR-DG Award for his thesis, which he defended in 2021. This award is annually granted by the Stichting Magnetische Resonantie “NMR-DG” for the best Ph.D. thesis in the field of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and/or magnetic resonance imaging. On November 4th, the Award was presented at the annual symposium of the Dutch NMR-DG.

Donny’s thesis entitled ‘Mechanism -based markers for early assessment of lipid oxidation in mayonnaise by magnetic resonance spectroscopy’ was the result of a collaboration between Wageningen University and Unilever. In October 2016, Donny started, in parallel of his appointment as NMR-analyst at Unilever, his PhD trajectory with a part-time enrolment in the VLAG Graduate School at Wageningen University. During his PhD, he successfully developed and applied novel NMR and ESR methods to deepen our understanding of lipid oxidation pathways in complex food emulsions.

C.J. Gorter NMR-DG award

The aim of the award is to recognize young Dutch scientists who have performed thesis work of outstanding scientific quality. The award consists of a certificate and a money prize of € 1500, at full disposal of the laureate for enhancing his/her scientific career. The award jury consists of a representative of the Stichting Magnetische Resonantie “NMR-DG” (who will act as the jury chairman), a representative of the Netherlands NMR Discussion Group (who will act as the jury secretary) and 3–4 additional members, from different magnetic resonance disciplines and appointed by the board of the Dutch NMR-DG.