Published on
May 7, 2021

WUR and WUR Library are experimenting with Edubadges: a form of recognition for achieved learning outcomes. Some students are already being awarded Edubadges for information literacy.

What is an Edubadge?

An edubadge is an electronic certificate. It includes information about learning outcomes and students can collect them. They can then decide to share them, for example, on LinkedIn or in a resume.

Edubadges and information literacy

WUR and WUR Library are currently experimenting with using Edubadges (developed by SURF). WUR Library is currently conducting a pilot where Edubadges for information literacy skills are being awarded to students following the BSc Forest and Nature Conservation.

Awarding Edubadges

Some students have already reached the first level of information literacy and have been awarded Edubadges. Around 30 students have already collected their badges, and we expect about 40 more students to request their badges in the coming weeks.

Are you interested in Edubadges? You can read more about them on our website.