Empowering young people's voices in the food system transformation

Published on
November 20, 2020

The voices of young people need to be heard in the food system transformation. Dr. Corinna Hawkes, Professor at Centre of Food Policy in University of London, does well to explore why the participation and focus on the youth in the food system transformation is so vital. In her blog, "The Better Food Journey" she brings our attention to this discussion in her latest post and references the research of Dr. Sigrid Wertheim-Heck, Senior Researcher at the Environmental Policy Department at WUR.

Young people in the food system transformation

It is vital for all actors in the food system to include the voice of the youth and embrace the agency of young people in a movement that they are inextricably affected by and apart of. Read the recent blog, 'Young people‚Äôs voices are vital in food system transformation' to learn more.  

The transforming of food consumption in Vietnam

Dr. Hawkes, in her blog piece, references the results of Dr. Sigrid Wertheim-Heck's research on food policy and the transforming of food consumption in Vietnam. This article by Dr. Wertheim-Heck was recently published in the Global Food Security issue (Elsivier) of September 2020.

'Food policy and the unruliness of consumption: An intergenerational social practice approach to uncover transforming food consumption in modernizing Hanoi, Vietnam.'  

Authors: Sigrid C.O.Wertheim-Heck, Jessica E.Raneri