ENP co-authors in Nature Climate Change publication

Published on
November 28, 2019

ENP's Ingrid Boas, Simon Bush, Hanne Wiegel, and Machiel Lamers co-authored a recent publication on climate mobilities in the prestigious journal Nature Climate Change, involving also our SDC colleagues Jeroen Warner and Basundhara Tripathy, and many international experts.


Climate change is amongst the key challenges of the 21st century and has the potential to disrupt the livelihoods of many, especially of the most vulnerable. In this commentary with Nature Climate Change we question how this will impact human migration. Policy makers, NGOs, think tanks and even scientific public funding agencies often warn of millions of climate refugees and frame climate migration as a potential aggravator of security risks. These are however unfounded claims that have not been supported by sound empirical evidence. Meanwhile, the impact of climate change is real and is impacting people’s lives and their mobility as we speak, yet in a more diverse, differentiated, intersectional and mundane manner than is being suggested by this climate migration security narrative. Therefore, the publication argues for shifting the debate from climate migration to climate mobilities.

The commentary with Nature Climate Change can be found here. It is part of a large issue which can be found here. It might also be interesting to check the video on migration, mobilities and environment below: