ENP Welcomes Christina Siamanta as Lecturer in Environmental Social Science

Published on
June 14, 2022

The Environmental Policy group (ENP) welcomes Christina Siamanta to the group as a new lecturer of Environmental Social Science.

Christina is an environmental social scientist and specifically political ecologist and human geographer. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (University of the Aegean), a Master of Science in Sustainability & Management (Royal Holloway University of London) and a PhD in Geography (human geography) (Birkbeck University of London).

Before joining Wageningen University, she was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of the Aegean for two years and then an Adjunct Lecturer there. She also served as Adjunct Faculty at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, while has also worked as Postdoctoral Researcher at the same University under the EU/General Secretariat of Research and Innovation (GSRI) co-funded research project "Risk Change". She received scholarships for her doctoral and postdoctoral research from Birkbeck University of London and the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY), respectively, while was awarded her doctoral degree in the UK immediately after examination (no corrections required).

Her research has focused on ‘renewable’ energy and ‘energy transitions’, the relationship of capitalism and nature, energy justice and alternative pathways for climate change mitigation, including on key socioecological outcomes of renewable energy policies in Greece and key factors behind them. She has taught environmental sociology, environmental law and on environment, science and technology, covering diverse ‘elements’ of environmental social science, including different aspects of, and considerations for, environmental policy and governance. She is looking forward to contributing to the high-quality education offered by ENP.