ENP welcomes Helena Solman as PhD candidate

Published on
April 3, 2018

Helena Solman is a new PhD candidate at the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University.

Her research will focus on the process of participation in modelling of wind energy developments in European Union. She will investigate public perceptions, values and practices in relation to wind energy and energy landscape and reflect on the extent to which it is possible to integrate these perceptions into wind energy models. Her research will be a part of an UPWARDs project aimed at generating new knowledge and technologies in EU. 

Helena has an interdisciplinary education as she graduated with master in Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (WUR) and before that, she did a BSc Tourism (WUR). Her research interests evolve around the questions of sustainable landscape development, participatory planning, social practices, transition towards sustainability and place-based development.

In her professional career she worked as a consultant in the domain of urban planning. Her main project included establishment of a regional food council for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region.