Environmental sciences under one roof: ESA and WSG chair groups continue under the name Earth Systems and Global Change

January 16, 2024

As of January 1, 2024, the Environmental Systems Analysis (ESA) and Water Systems and Global Change (WSG) chair groups have officially merged. Together they form the Earth Systems and Global Change (ESC) Group. The new group's website will also go live today.

The merged chair group is involved in systems analyses in the areas of climate and ecosystems, among other things. For example, large-scale environmental models about pollution are being developed. Furthermore, the group works interdisciplinary and with partners outside science.

The Board of Directors took the decision to merge ESA and WSG in July 2022. There was a lot of complementarity between the two groups' research areas. ESA focused on air quality, soil quality and ecosystems, while WSG mainly looked at water, food and climate. In practice, water, air and soil are strongly connected.

Nice combination

The new ESC Group has a total of more than 100 people. Even before the merger, they worked together on research projects and in education, and this collaboration will become increasingly closer. The group can also further improve education programs in the field of water, climate and environment.

Carolien Kroeze: “With our new Earth Systems and Global Change Group we hope to make an important contribution to a sustainable future”.

Fulco Ludwig: “We are a solution-oriented group, with attention to nature and society in a changing world”.