ETE newsletter Spring 2017 - Column Huub Rijnaarts

Published on
May 29, 2017
Although large amounts of fresh water are available on our blue planet, many regions still suffer from water scarcity. This limits water availability for industry, agriculture and domestic use. At ETE we develop technologies for solving this problem, for example by recycling water using state of the art cleaning methods. However, an important factor complicating wastewater cleaning is the presence of micro-pollutants, such as pharmaceutical compounds. Therefore, ETE has formed research teams, including more than 15 Ph.D.’s, to develop methods for the removal of various micro-pollutants from water.

To join forces with other knowledge institutes on water purifying topics, ETE organized, together with STOWA and spin off company LeAF, the ‘Knowledge day Pharmaceuticals’ in December 2016 and once again in February 2017. More than 80 delegates from all water boards in the Netherlands, drinking water companies, provinces, technology providers and knowledge institutes participated in sharing views on cleaning waste water from micro-pollutants, like pharmaceuticals. This event will be held again a year from now.

To share our knowledge and views on water-related issues, ETE also plays a key role in the ‘Wageningen Water Strategy’, WATER@WUR, promoting water research aiming at solutions regarding water-related issues. We do believe we can eventually solve water problems with the right technology and the right political will.