Ethiopian advisers launch Dairy Advisers Network

Published on
September 26, 2017

On September 25, 2017, over 70 recently graduated dairy advisers launch an Ethiopian Dairy Advisers Network in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Dairy Advisers Network (DAN) unites professional dairy advisers and supports them in providing high quality expertise to the growing dairy sector in Ethiopia. The DAN is an initiative of the DairyBISS project and its partners.

Evolving knowledge gap closed

In the last two years, several dairy advisers have been trained by the DairyBISS project and its partners to support the Ethiopian dairy sector with high quality expertise. The increasing demand for fresh dairy products in Ethiopia is stimulating private investments in the development of medium and large-scale dairy farms. However, many of the investors as well as their farm managers lack a profound knowledge of dairy farming on these scales. Thus there is strong and growing demand for qualified advisers with the proper knowledge and skills to manage these larger farms. The DairyBISS training program for technical and business advisors closes this knowledge gap by focusing on practical skills and coaching to support dairy farms with adequate advice.

Dairy Advisers Network

With the festive launch of the Dairy Advisers Network a platform is created for the dairy advisers. The network will continue to build advisers’ professionalism and future prospect by supporting networking, collaboration and creating synergy in addition to show casing their talent to the dairy sector. This will enhance advisers’ service level to farmers, which in turn makes it more attractive for farmers to engage them. The network kicks off with over 70 members.

Dairy training programmes

The DairyBISS project, together with its partners AGP-LMD and Ambo University, have developed several training programmes on dairy production, dairy business development and dairy processing. These training programmes include theoretical knowledge as well as practical exercises in which the trainees are asked to put their advising skills into practice. A round of dairy processing training will start in October 2017.