Excellent education award for “Organic Chemistry 1”

Published on
July 5, 2019

On Monday June 17th Wageningen University awarded the
2017-2018 team of “Organic Chemistry 1” the Excellent Education Prize for the best large course.

Congratulations to:

Anne-Marie Franssen, Hendra Willemen, Annemieke van
Dam, Carel Weijers, Maurice Franssen, Erik van Rozendaal, Harry Bitter and Maarten Smulders, who taught classes,

And to:

Judith Firet, Milou Santbergen, Anne-Marie Franssen,
Andrada But, Hendra Willemen, Eefjan Timmerman, Jorick Bruins, Kris van ’t Klooster, Carel Weijers, Frank Claassen, Barend van Lagen, Jean Slangen, Lennart Beun and Jordi Keijzer, who supervised during the lab sessions.

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