First Dutch woman in Australian initiative to stop climate change

Published on
November 16, 2018

Lia Hemerik, associate professor at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), is the first Dutch woman to be selected to join the Homeward Bound initiative. Together with a hundred other women from all over the world, Hemerik will be part of the fourth cohort of the initiative that started in 2016.

Its aim is to set up a network of strong women with a background in science, technology, engineering, mathematics or medicine, who will thus be able to support each other in creating change.

The Australian initiative seeks to create a new way of leadership better suited to the world we are now living in. It envisages a greater focus on the concept of the global home. Lead with integrity and a deep care for human relationships, the participants share a drive for results, achieving them by their ability to motivate others, and the will to collaborate. When time is short, it may be that a good balance of men and women in leadership teams will serve our common purpose.

Lia Hemerik

Lia Hemerik has been selected by Homeward Bound due to her well-tested background in science and mathematics. She has shown her interest in making a broader contribution, wishing to collaborate rather than further her personal career. This initiative answers her interest in gender equality, and thus, more women in science, and, of course, her growing concern about climate change.

'My drive to join this great initiative is to use my knowledge and expertise to help save the planet'
Lia Hemerik, associate professor at Wageningen University & Research

Hemerik is a theoretical biologist. During her career, she has used all kinds of mathematical and statistical models in the life sciences for answering real-life questions; topics ranged from biological control, threatened species, tipping points to food web ecology. In her spare time, as member of the IVN, she shares her knowledge of nature and the environment on nature walks.

Support Lia in her mission to save the planet

Biometris of the WUR, a group that develops statistical and mathematical methods for quantifying biological processes in our environment, encourages Lia in joining this great initiative and will be supporting her in various ways. Another sponsor is the Stichting Prof. dr. Jan van der Hoeven for the promotion of Theoretical Biology. However, Lia really needs more sponsors if she is to be able to take part fully. So, if you believe that participation of women is key to a better future, visit the crowdfunding page now!