Press release

Food Science groups at Wageningen University join forces to tackle complex problems

Published on
June 6, 2014

The Food Science groups at Wageningen University have launched a joint research programme to approach complex issues relating to food production and food digestion from a range of disciplines. The Food System Dynamics research programme set up to this end has so far given rise to five new positions for young researchers.

The collaborative efforts are focusing on two main areas: on the one hand, more efficient, sustainable and safer food chains, and on the other hand, the structure of foods and how this affects the way that the human body digests various nutrients. The projects in the programme therefore revolve around two themes. The Food production dynamics theme focuses on increasing the efficiency of food chains from farming to industrial processing. These chains currently produce a lot of waste and residuals, which could be put to better use. The other theme, Food digestion dynamics, connects food and nutritional science, focusing on how the composition and structure of foods determine the way that the body’s digestion system releases and absorbs the nutrients.

New, safe and sustainable products

The research cluster hopes that this strategy will create a broad and solid scientific basis for investigating complex systems, leading to the development of new, safe and sustainable products and production processes. In the long term, this should result in suitable foods for specific needs, while also creating safe circular food chains with minimum wastage.

The Food Science Cluster comprises the following chair groups: Laboratory of Food Chemistry, Laboratory of Food Microbiology, Food Process Engineering Group, Food Quality and Design, and Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods.