IMARES and the national BeachCleanUp

Published on
August 25, 2014

IMARES contributed to the national BeachCleanup organised by the North Sea Foundation. This time we did not contribute by research on debris collected, but by giving a presentation at Ecomare on Texel, preceding the cleanup of the nearby beach on 22 August 2014.

The presentation illustrated the damage suffered by marine wildlife from plastic debris, and discussed the monitoring research by Imares on Northern Fulmars.

  • Presentation: Plastic zwervuil en het leven in zee (pdf)

Following the presentation, some of the participants had the opportunity to open a Fulmar stomach. All four stomachs that were investigated contained plastic debris, although a bit less than is usual among North Sea Fulmars. The North Sea average is about 0.30 gram of plastic in a Fulmar stomach, and the four stomachs opened here only contained an average of 0.18 gram. See table for details.


Photographs show the four stomach contents. There’s two photo’s of each stomach. One overview showing the sample number and full contents e.g. including small stones and squidbeaks. The second picture shows the plastic contents in more detail.