Information literacy skills innovation project in the Forrest and Nature Conservation programme

Published on
December 14, 2020

In the Forrest and Nature Conservation programme (Bachelor Bos en Natuur Beheer, BBN) of WUR, a new learning line is being implemented on information literacy skills. This learning line is being taught and developed by the Library team of WUR, and integrated in bachelor courses in all three years of the programme. Unique in the learning line is that it is made up of largely online activities and information, and that it will be linked to a national initiative involving Education Badges, meaning that certain levels of performance in the skills will be recognized by other universities, and in the future may be added to the standard university diploma.

The Education and Learning Sciences (ELS) group is involved in this innovation project, both to provide expertise on innovative education (via Perry den Brok) and to evaluate its implementation via a research project (conducted by Linda Jans). The evaluation has just started and will take in total four years, following the innovation from its start to the end of the learning line and establishment of the Education Badges. Currently, project plans and the intended innovation are being investigated. The first (basic) module on information skills has been taught by the Library and is now being evaluated via student surveys, focus group interviews with students, and interviews with the teachers involved.

More information on the project will follow in the upcoming months and years, as both the innovation and its research project will progress.