INF's dr. Tarek Alskaif has received a best paper award

Published on
October 5, 2020

Researcher Dr. Tarek Alskaif has recently received one of the best paper awards in the 3rd IEEE international conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (SEST 2020). The topic of paper is shared electric vehicles (EVs) data analytics and flexibility assessment. The work is in collaboration with PhD candidate Nico Brinkel and Prof. Wilfried van Sark at Utrecht University.

Summary: Electric car sharing is already/will be an essential mobility solution in our cities. The proposed study considers four scenarios for the adoption of shared EVs in cities, and presents a probabilistic method for generating future charging transactions based on real historical charging data of a fleet of EVs. The data-driven analysis indicates that charging demand peaks and grid congestion levels could decrease substantially with higher adoption of shared EVs.

To read the full paper “The Impact of Transitioning to Shared Electric Vehicles on Grid Congestion and Management”, you can go here:

The acknowledgment of the award: