Insects are not ‘the new sushi’

Published on
May 19, 2022

What’s for lunch? Will it be sushi or fried grasshoppers? In this University of Netherlands lecture, Dr. Jonas House, sociologist at Environmental Policy group (Wageningen University & Research), explains why sushi is so loved while insect-based food is something we tend to avoid.

Edible insects are often framed as a healthy and sustainable alternative to eating meat, but most consumers in the Netherlands seem reluctant to integrate insects into their daily diet. Some argue that insects could follow the model of sushi, which was largely unheard of in the West before the 1960s but underwent a popular transformation from ‘disgusting’ to ‘delicious’ in just a few decades.

In this short video, WUR lecturer and researcher Jonas House asks people on the street how they feel about eating sushi and insects, and explains why his research suggests that insects will not be ‘the new sushi’.

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