Ita Sulistyawati on quality attributes of osmo-dehydrated mango

Published on
June 16, 2017

Our PhD colleague Ita Sulistyawati told us some more about the effect of pre-treatment (vacuum impregnation and high pressure) and pectinmethylesterase with calcium on quality attributes of osmo-dehydrated mango during the FQD colloquia. The effect was presented for two maturity stages (mature and ripe) of mango.

Osmotic dehydration (OD) technology can be used in combination with vacuum impregnation or high pressure as a mild pre-treatment of mango The combined technology could extend mango’s shelf-life while preserve the product quality, e.g. colour and texture. Understanding on the product and process parameters could assist in designing a desired quality of the final product, such as osmo-dehydrated mango as an ingredient for pâtisserie.