Jan Willem van Groenigen editor in chief of Geoderma

Published on
April 3, 2014

Jan Willem van Groenigen has been appointed as editor in chief of the soil science journal Geoderma. The appointment is the result of an increasing number of submitted papers in the field of soil ecology. Geoderma is published by Elsevier.

Geoderma is one of the top journals in soil science, and (measured by 5-year impact factor) the top journal dealing with all aspects of soil science. The journal particularly welcomes interdisciplinary work focusing on dynamic soil processes and their occurrence in space and time. Jan Willem van Groenigen, associate professor in the department of Soil Quality, will be joining the team of editors in chief from different disciplines. His editorial duties will mainly focus on manuscripts involving his expertise: soil ecology, nutrient cycling and the soil greenhouse gas balance.


"I am highly motivated to help maintaining or even improving the strong reputation of Geoderma", Jan Willem van Groenigen says. "Over the years, there has always been a strong involvement of Wageningen soil scientists in shaping the direction of the journal. The list of previous editors in chief include my own promotor, Johan Bouma. I am excited to follow in that tradition. Geoderma is a very interesting journal for soil ecologists to publish in. Its strong publication record in fields such as soil physics and soil chemistry makes it one of the best journals to publish on the effects of soil biota on ecosystem services such as drainage, soil structure, nutrient cycling and the soil greenhouse gas balance."

Recent important changes with respect to Geoderma include the creation of a sister-journal ‘Geoderma Regional’ and the implementation of new internal editorial procedures. It is therefore expected that Geoderma will contain more studies of a generic rather than a regional nature, and that the turnaround time of manuscripts will be considerably shortened.