Jeroen Candel at EenVandaag: frustration among Dutch farmers due to unclear future agricultural policy

December 6, 2023

On 5 December, EenVandaag, a Dutch current affairs television program, aired a segment about the barriers farmers are facing in their efforts to make their farming practices more sustainable. The Provincial Council of Gelderland rejected a plan submitted by a group of farmers to extensify their farms, emit less nitrogen and take better care of nature. The rejection was met by disappointment and frustration from the farmers in question.

Associate professor of the Public Administration and Policy group Jeroen Candel was invited to provide a broader reflection. Dr. Candel explained that this case illustrates continued uncertainty among Dutch farmers. He argued that the Dutch government has failed to make necessary decisions related to some of the big challenges that confront the agricultural sector, and has not made it clear to farmers which ways of production will still be allowed in the future, and in which regions. When asked which message Candel would convey to the political parties currently negotiating a government coalition, he urged them to have a serious debate about the conditions farmers need to comply with in order to provide farmers with the clarity they need.

The EenVandaag segment can be viewed online and is only available in Dutch.