Campus Expedition

Published on
May 18, 2022

From 13 - 23 of June, Wageningen University & Research, Unilever, FrieslandCampina, NIOO-KNAW, Aeres Hogeschool, Kadans Science Partner, Business Science Park Wageningen and Upfield will jointly organise the Wageningen Campus Expedition.

Have you always wanted to know what kind of research these organisations conduct and do you want to meet fellow residents of Wageningen Campus and visit these beautiful organisations which are normally only accessible for own staff members? Join the Expedition! The organisations will open their doors between 12:00 and 14:00! You are very welcome to take a look behind the scenes. Please find the program below.

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Date Organisation Subject Introduction
Monday 13 June WUR FoodSafety Research Short introduction about food safety research and a ‘from sample to result’ guided tour 
Monday 13 June WUR Human Nutrition & Health Unit Visitors will be shown around the Health Research Unit, where studies on nutrition and health with human volunteers are performed. This research unit contains facilities to prepare and provide nutrition, carry out sensory research as well as medical procedures. 
Monday 13 June WUR StartHub  StartHub Wageningen is the start-up incubator for students, PhD’s and recent graduates of WUR. In the inspiring StartHub tour in Plus Ultra II, you will hear first-hand from ambitious entrepreneurs about their sustainable business ideas and ventures.
Monday 13 June WUR Technical Development Studio  The Technical Development Studio makes equipment for research and education that cannot be purchased anywhere. Explore our unique TD studio! 
Monday 13 June WUR Wageningen Livestock Research  Join to find out what is involved in emissions measurement for livestock farming! 
Tuesday 14 June Kadans Science Partner PlusUltra I & II At Plus Ultra Wageningen, two amazing multi-tenant buildings, you will be able to experience the thriving community of innovative organizations and like-minded professionals. Take a look behind the scenes at Foodvalley, Oneplanet, DSM, Yili and many other great organisations and get a glimpse of new and interesting technological projects they are working on, while networking with fellow neighbors. In addition, enjoy a nice cup of coffee at the entrance, offered by Kadans Science Partner.
Wednesday 15 June Business Science Park Wageningen VHL Genetics  VHLGenetics, Research into DNA for Plants, Life stock and Pets to improve the population.
Wednesday 15 June Business Science Park Wageningen TOP BV  TOP bv is a service provider specialized in practical innovation for the food industry. We work for and with food producers and equipment manufacturers from all over the world. For our clients and partners we design and implement unique and useful innovations. Visitors are welcome for a tour around our TOP FoodLab with our test facilities.
Thursday 16 June NIOO-KNAW Netherlands Institute of Ecology Expect a short tour to NIOO’s highlights! From the green(blue) roof to the golden toilet of the building, and from the research on bluegreen algae to animal personality or the living soil.
Thursday 16 June Aeres Hogeschool Aeres University of Applied Sciences You can join a short workshop and presentation about the vision of Aeres on education. This will also include topics as inclusiveness and more information about the building. (12:10-13:00 uur)
Thursday 16 June Aeres Hogeschool Aeres University of Applied Sciences You can join a short workshop and presentation about the vision of Aeres on education and a mini class on biodiversity restoration as a driver for systems thinking. (13:10-14:00 uur)
Monday 20 June StartLife StartLife Agrifoodtech Accelerator StartLife is Europe’s top agrifoodtech startup accelerator, co-founded by WUR. Its mission is to empower founders to build and grow startups with breakthrough technologies that shape a sustainable food system.
Monday 20 June WUR  Omnia - Dialogue Centre  During the guided tour at Omnia the design of this special building is discussed and we will talk over the possibilities for organizing conferences and symposia. Finally, the diverse functionalities of restaurant “Faculty Club Novum” will also be explained. 
Monday 20 June WUR  Phenomea In this facility, WUR researches the quality of perishable products and technologies to measure, store and handle products (e.g. robots) in the agri-food sector. In addition, Phenomea offers partners the opportunity to attend workshops, classes and meetings or organise their own. Join the tour and we will show you these functionalities.
Monday 20 June WUR  NPEC WUR developed a new research centre called Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre (NPEC) to automatically monitor plant growth on a large scale. We have built a research greenhouse in which plants are grown while the development of the plant is continuously monitored with a large number of cameras and where plants automatically move around on conveyor belts. More information: 
Monday 20 June WUR  Shared Research Facilities  Shared Research Facilities provides the opportunity to use state-of-the art research equipment and facilities on a pay-per-use basis and with support on use (with or without operator), thus stimulating knowledge exchange and collaboration. We demonstrate some research instruments that are open for sharing! 
Monday 20 June WUR  World Soil Museum  The World Soil Museum informs and educates about the nature and the diversity of soils in the world and what that means for society and for science. The unique world soil reference collection is the core of the museum's exciting exhibition displays and educational activities. Join the tour in this unique museum!
Monday 20 June WUR  WANDER-Lab Explore & Discover the most advanced cutting-edge visualisation techniques such as AR & VR and how they can be applied in your research and education field. 
Tuesday 21 June Unilever  Unilever Foods Innovation Centre Unilever showcases the ‘magics’ of processing, you can visit our pilot plant or get to know all about the Vegetarian Butcher (tasting included). But also the topic sustainable and circular packaging is part of the tour.
Wednesday 22 June FrieslandCampina FrieslandCampina Research and Development At FrieslandCampina you can expect a short tour of our Innovation Center, a 3D-experience in our Experience Center and a content contribution that highlights the daily practice of dairy innovation. 
Thursday 23 June Upfield Upfield Food Science Centre We are the largest plant-based food company on the planet and we are moving to Wageningen soon! Our offices will be fully open after July 2022 but if you want to learn more about Upfield’s plant-based butters, spreads, creams and cheese portfolio please join us in new Upfield Wageningen foyer!’