Journal of Dairy Sciences picks a paper from Henk Hogeveen for the Editor's Choice selection of papers from 2021

Published on
January 20, 2022

The editor in chief of the Journal of Dairy Sciences has chosen a paper from Henk Hogeveen of the Business Economics group as one of the 8 editor’s pick of the year 2021 papers. The paper is entitled “Novel ways to use sensor data to improve mastitis management” and provides a vision on how to use sensor data to support the management of dairy farmers regarding mastitis, which is the most prevalent and important disease in dairy cows. Current mastitis sensor systems aim to detect abnormal milk or clinical mastitis and do not consider the need for specific cow and herd-level intervention.

To efficiently support mastitis management, we argue that mastitis sensor systems should target four different mastitis situations that reflect the farmer’s management perspective:

1) Cows with mastitis needing immediate attention;
2) Cows with mastitis not needing immediate attention;
3) Cows needing attention at drying off and
4) Monitoring of udder herd health at the herd-level.

For each mastitis situation required detection needs and associated management are suggested and elaborated upon. The work was done together with a other leading researchers from Europe and North America within the Standing Committee of Animal Health and Welfare of the International Dairy Federation.

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