Judith Gulikers will join the Wageningen Young Academy

Published on
April 4, 2022

As of April 2022, Judith Gulikers will join the Wageningen Young Academy.

This is an independent platform that brings together enthusiastic, ambitious and outstanding young scientists of Wageningen University across all its scientific disciplines. Judith will be the first ELS member to join. WYA acts as an advisor in scientific and political debates at the University (such as Rewarding & Recognition, Workload and worklife balance, strategic and educational vision of WUR etc.). They aim to create links between disciplines and stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration and research both within and across Universities, as well as with societal partners.

Within WYA Judith aims to stimulate interdisciplinary research by connecting ELS educational research to other disciplines. Moreover, with her expertise on assessment, she will join discussions on rewarding and recognizing and more personalized development trajectories for teachers and researchers at WUR.