Kick-off 2019 cohort Executive MBA in Food & Agribusiness

Published on
September 23, 2019

This weekend the participants of the Executive MBA in Food & Agribusiness, cohort 2019-2021 started with the programme. The two year, part-time MBA is offered by Wageningen University & Research together with TIAS Business School, especially for those working in the Food & Agribusiness.

Let’s start growing together

The kick-off took place at TIAS Business School on Tilburg Campus. During the day the participants attended introduction lectures and were challenged already by teambuilding activities. The students chose this specific MBA for several reasons. The highly ranked positions of both TIAS Business School and Wageningen University & Research was one of the reasons that made them decide to join the programme. Another reason which was mentioned is the hybrid character of the programme. They will learn how specific Food & Agribusiness challenges need to be approached and which current and future factors play crucial roles.

Participant profile

The participants are coming from different backgrounds such as finance, supply chain, production, start-ups, processing and traders within the Food and Agri sector. A true diverse group, which brings added value as they will not only learn from the professors, but also from each other.  


The programme consists of three blocks. Each block closes with high level integration modules on key issues and challenges specific to Food & Agribusiness. Participants follow lectures on both Universities, general modules in Tilburg and the specific Food & Agri modules in Wageningen. A final management project, the so called Capstone project, which is the final proof of MBA-level integral management skills, will be specific to a Food & Agri case, supervised by leading experts from Wageningen University & Research.

More information

Are you interested in the Executive MBA in Food & Agribusiness? Or would you like to know more? Let us help you with getting the right overview of the programme and practical issues. Click here to navigate to the programme webpage.