King to open WUR alumni day

Published on
May 30, 2018

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander will open the worldwide alumni day at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) on 23 June. On that day, alumni come together to reminisce at locations across the globe, and on the campus itself. In addition to performing the official opening ceremony, the King will speak to researchers, students, and alumni. The worldwide alumni day is one of the events WUR has organised in honour of the university’s 100-year anniversary.

The King will arrive at the Wageningen campus in the afternoon. Shortly after the opening address from Louise O. Fresco, President of the Executive Board, the King will open “the dialogue”: a unique occasion where alumni from across five continents will engage in real-time discussions together. The topic: how large cities will be provided with enough nutritious food by 2030.

Demo Square

The King will then visit the “Demo Square”, where he will receive more information about research at Wageningen: precision agriculture, the ways Wageningen contributes to water purification, and the revolutionary DNA cut-and-paste technique CRISPR Cas. The King will also speak to several WUR staff members, alumni, and students.

The King will plant a tree on the campus as well. Since the start of the 100-year festivities in Wageningen, several trees have already been planted across the world as a symbol of unity. “UniversiTrees” can now be found in China, Bangladesh, Brazil, and Leeuwarden.

Image: © RVD - Frank van Beek
Image: © RVD - Frank van Beek